Ashton Homes was founded by Rob Carlin, who started constructing homes in 1985.  We're a small company and proud of it.  This gives us the advantages of spending more time with each customer .  Our size affords us greater flexibility to make requested changes, answer questions or attend to any other request you might have.

Our reputation for building new homes with exceptional quality, superior style and value has earned us the respectof homeowners and industry professionals decade after decade.

The typical Ashton customer is prudent, perceptive and quick to recognize the value and quality of their Ashton Home.

When you work with Ashton, it's your tastes, wants, needs and style which dictate the home we build.  The premise that guides all of our custom home projects is simple... if the customer wants it, we will build it... after all, that's what customize truly means.

Superior value for you due to the quality of more energy efficient and convenience features in your Ashton Home.  We have over 42 years of combined financing experience on staff to assist with financing that would promote savings for your family.


Ashton Homes takes the utmost pride in building the highest quality home possible for our customers. By handpicking our partners, keeping strict guidelines, constantly monitoring the quality, and maintaining a hands-on approach, Ashton Homes is able to ensure quality from the ground up and from concept to closing.







Ashton Homes strives to build the best home possible while delivering a home that is affordable, efficient, and low-maintenance. We will work with you to discuss and weigh the cost and efficiencies of different design and construction solutions. Working closely as your home building partner, we are committed to develop a plan to accommodate your family's desires while still delivering a competitive price.

The home buying process can be confusing to say the least.  The fear of not knowing is a common concern when shopping.  We offer solid honest answers to your every question and offer assistance with each step in the process.