If your family is in the market to have Ashton help in the design of your new home, we welcome your confidence in asking us to do just that.

There are details which go into designing your new home that are unique to the personalities of you and your family.

  • First we listen.

  • Then we discuss the standard features we automatically include and then those specific to your needs and desires.

Our goal is to achieve your vision for your new home.  That vision includes keeping within the budget you set. 

  • We completely price the home you've designed and present you with a detailed list of every feature discussed and included in our price.

There is no greater honor than to be known as a person or company of their word.  So, we put in writing everything we're going to do for you.

As we go through the process of building your new home you will learn how much we at Ashton covet the words "honest and honorable"