Ashton’s realtor friends are valued assets and have been for 25 years. Historically, Ashton’s reputation as a quality builder assures your client that you have their best interest at heart when you bring them to us.   Many volume and tract builders use unusual sales tactics in an attempt to attract homeowners and realtors. At Ashton we deliver a quality home with the best energy package offered. We deliver on time and below market prices. 
Because Ashton is a relatively small company, we respond quickly to questions and pricing requests. Ashton is a custom builder which frequently changes our designs to meet your client’s needs and desires.

​Registering your client with us is simple. You could download our registration form and deliver it when you visit with your client, or you can complete it when you visit our sales office. Registrations must be updated and signed by an Ashton representative every 60 days (until a sales contract is accepted) to retain commission status.  We will notify you of any contact we have with your client.
We prefer to be involved in the previews of our homes, since we know the features better than anyone. We try to keep three to four speculative homes available and most of these will include marble tubs and showers, with tile floors in all wet areas, including the kitchen and dining area. Granite counter tops with upgraded carpeting and light fixtures are also common to our homes. All of them will include our unmatched energy features included in every home.

​Instead of having a “Preferred Realtors” group, we would prefer to have a group of realtors who prefer Ashton Homes. We would like to update all realtors equally as to new homes completed, the special features of those homes and of course price. .
​Please feel free to contact us with any questions.