Why do I need a Third-Party Warranty for my New Home?

Protecting your new investment should be your top priority.  One of the ways you can do that is with a third-part warranty.  While many warranties are backed by the builder of the home, the "third-party" warranty is purchased by the builder  from an independent and neutral third party.

Third-party warranties are significant because they are designed to cover items that an "all-risk" homeowners policy  does not cover.  All-risk policies don't offer a neutral third party, they don't insure the builder's warranty and they specifically exclude 10-year protection against major structural defects.

Be sure your builder is protected by a bonded builders new-home warranty.

The bottom line:  builders who participate in a third-party warranty program care about their customers.  Builders have to prove themselves  on their superior quality, timeliness, customer service and financial stability in order to qualify for a new-home warranty.

**10 year materials and labor warranty on the a/c and heating unit

Ashton Homes of Texas uses StrucSure Home Warranty.